What you need to know about the world’s most polluted city

The world’s top 10 most polluted cities include Delhi, with the capital emitting a record 3,600 tons of CO2 per capita in 2017, while Tokyo, with a population of 1.3 billion, emitted 3,200 tons of the pollutant in a year.

Indian cities, meanwhile, are also among the top 10 with annual emissions of 5,400 tons, followed by New Delhi with 2,400.

The top 10 cities have been measured by a global group of researchers, who have published their report, Global Emissions of CO 2 in 2050.

The report says the world has been burning coal at record levels for decades, but emissions from India have accelerated in recent years.

The authors of the study say that India is now the world leader in coal use, despite its population being smaller than the United States and China combined.

India has been growing at a rate of 1 per cent a year since 2010, while China’s population grew by 4.7 per cent between 2010 and 2016, according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Despite this, emissions from Indian cities have soared since 2016.

The researchers say this is partly because of a shift in the power sector, with coal power generation rising from 6.1 gigawatts (GW) in 2020 to 21.2 GW in 2021.

However, it also reflects the continued rise of fossil fuels, including coal and oil.

Coal, which is more expensive to mine, now accounts for about three-quarters of India’s electricity generation, according the report.

Coal use in India is growing faster than any other developed country, the report says, with its coal plants generating 3.4GW in 2020, compared with 2.5GW in the United Kingdom.

India also is one of the largest emitters of CO, with emissions from power plants more than twice as high as those from all other nations combined.

India is one the world leaders in coal-fired power generation, and coal power production is growing rapidly.

But, the authors say the country needs to phase out fossil fuels in favour of renewables and energy efficiency.

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