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‘Horseback’ author reveals his life story in a blog post

“A long time ago I had a friend who was in the army.

When he was deployed in Vietnam, his first stop was a war hospital.

That was the only time he saw horses.

I saw a few horses when I was at school, but the rest of my time in the military was spent riding horses.

When I got a postgraduate degree, I took a job as a nurse at a local hospital.

I’m now an RN, but when I went back to the army I was given the postgraduate course at the University of New South Wales, where I was offered a position at the horse hospital.

It was there I met my wife and three children.

I’ve been married for almost 50 years and we have a three-year-old daughter.

I hope to live the rest the life that I love.”

 (Image: Facebook)The author’s wife, Karen, who has two young boys, said she had been told by the university that she would have to return to her home state of Queensland for the next five years.

 “My husband and I have been in this country for five years and the last two years have been spent in the United States, and he said it would be like going back to his native New South Walsall,” Ms McAlister said.

I’m going to work on my career and I’d like a new job and we’ve got a lot of savings that we’re working on.””

But if we come home, we’d like to be back here, because it would mean we have the same opportunities that we had before.”

I’m going to work on my career and I’d like a new job and we’ve got a lot of savings that we’re working on.

“But we’ve been offered jobs in the States, so I’ve decided to stay in New South.

I’ll probably start looking for something new.”

 Ms McAlison said she was excited about being able to work with horses, and that she hoped her husband and daughter could come back soon.

“We’ve got three lovely little boys, and we love horses, so it’s nice to be able to spend some time with them,” she said.

Ms McAllister said she hoped the horses would be able, at some point, to return home to Queensland.

She said she felt a strong sense of pride about the horses and that her husband had always been a great horse rider.

(Image : Facebook)”I have a lot to live for, and my goal is to give them the best chance I can,” she added.

The author, who is the founder of Horseback, is one of the biggest horses fans in the world.

Ms MacAlister’s post came on the heels of a similar post by a man named James “Hairy” McAllison, who had a post about his experience on the US military in Vietnam.

McAllison was an army infantryman, and in his first post in Vietnam he wrote about how he rode a lot on horses and was not particularly fond of people with horses.

In a follow-up post, he described himself as “a retired American Army infantryman who loves horses”.

McAllister also described himself in his post as a veteran of the Vietnam War.

His posts also appeared on the online magazine Horses and Boats, which he founded in 2013.

He has written about horses before.

Last year, McAllies posted about the time he got a tattoo of his horse’s name on his right arm.

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