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A hole in the wall

By David W. Hochstein-Petersen/Getty ImagesFor more than three decades, people have wondered whether their home is actually a wall.

But scientists are beginning to find out that the answer is yes.

The discovery of a large hole in a wall was first reported by a British physicist, Sir Robert Ball, in the late 1980s.

It is the first time scientists have found evidence of a hole in an existing wall, a new study published in Science magazine reports.

The researchers compared the structure of the hole in their basement with the structure in a house that they were studying in Australia.

They found that in a room with a wall, there was only one horizontal plane in the walls, so the hole was the same width as the house.

In a room without a wall and a wall with a hole, there were three horizontal planes, the researchers report.

The holes, in other words, appear to be two-dimensional, a common phenomenon in nature, said lead author Christopher Williams, a theoretical physicist at the University of Texas at Austin.

“It’s not a new thing,” he said.

“There are holes everywhere.”

Williams and his colleagues believe that a wall’s physical properties affect the way that it is constructed.

For example, walls with a vertical plane can be used for more structural purposes, but a horizontal plane might not be as effective for structural purposes because the walls will be too large to fit through.

The results also suggest that the way in which a wall is constructed has a profound impact on the shape and size of the building.

A wall made of concrete or wood is much more likely to be a two-story building than a wall made from clay or plaster, the team reports.

This means that the walls of buildings are constructed to create vertical space that allows light and air to pass through.

This is particularly important in a city like Beijing, where the city’s skyline is lined with tall skyscrapers.

Building a wall also allows the occupants to escape from a situation where their homes and windows are boarded up.

These windows can also protect the building from water, wind, and rain.

The study also found that the hole they examined was the largest they have found in a building.

This was because the hole is located in a chamber that is almost three feet (1.3 meters) deep, Williams said.

The hole was also the largest hole ever discovered, and the team expects it will remain so for the rest of the study.

This is a very important study,” Williams said, “because we now have the evidence that building walls can change the structure and behavior of the whole building, even in the absence of structural defects.

“The findings also suggest another reason for why walls are more likely than others to collapse: their dimensions.

Walls with holes are more compact than others, and thus have greater structural strength.

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