When is the new Clinton administration officially “Trump”?

The first 100 days of the new administration has already been a wild ride for Donald Trump.

His administration is already the first since the 1930s that did not see the first full day of the 100-day mark.

It was the first 100-days since the Reagan administration in 1980 when no president saw their first 100 months.

The first time the new Trump administration has not seen 100 days was in 1979 when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president.

Trump is expected to take office on January 20.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University suggests that Americans would prefer a new president to a former president to start their new term.

The poll found that Trump is more popular than former presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

Americans were more likely to want a new Trump in their first year of office than a former first or current president.

But the poll also found that people are more likely than ever to want Trump to be their first choice in a new Congress and to lead the country for another four years.

More than half of Americans would like to see Trump impeached and the president impeached on his own.

A quarter of Americans think Trump is the “most corrupt person ever elected to office”.

Trump’s approval rating is at a new low of 33% and his approval rating among Republicans has also dropped to its lowest point in nearly two years.

About one-third of Americans disapprove of Trump’s performance in office, according to the Quinnipac poll.

That’s down from one-quarter in the Quinnips poll in April.

The president’s approval is at its lowest level since the Quinnins were tracking his presidency in February.

It’s also the lowest of his first 100 years.

And the president’s disapproval ratings have also dropped dramatically, from 58% to 44%.

“People are tired of being treated like the enemy by their political leaders,” said Tim Malloy, associate director of the Quinn University Polling Institute.

“The country is sick of the political circus and want the president to do what’s best for the country, not just their own party.

Trump’s popularity and approval ratings are going down.”

A Quinnipacon poll from February found that more than three-quarters of Americans believed the government should be involved in “making sure Americans’ health care is affordable, fair and accessible to all Americans”, with 61% believing that the government shouldn’t be “burdened with the cost of people’s healthcare”.

In March, President Trump issued a tweet that appeared to backfire on Republicans when he told CNN that he would support health care reform if Democrats agreed to make the system more affordable.

“I will support and support, as best as I can, and I will do everything I can to get it done, if we can get it, if I can get healthcare for our country, if it’s not too expensive, and then if we do it, we will be very proud of it,” he said.

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