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How to write a post on social media without being an asshole

A great bend post on Facebook?


A paperless post?

Not so much.

In the world of social media, there’s a great chance that the denizen of your post isn’t actually from Denver.

And if they are, it’s probably not the place they intended to share it.

For the average person who writes about politics or public policy, the process of sharing an opinion is usually pretty straightforward.

They just post a comment to the Facebook page of someone they know and follow up with a few updates or “likes.”

It’s a simple process that doesn’t require a lot of work, but does require a bit of creativity and the willingness to be the butt of a joke.

A new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shows that people who aren’t actively participating in the process are actually doing worse than others on Facebook.

The researchers analyzed data from 1,500 Facebook users, finding that people with an average of 8,200 Facebook friends reported that they were more likely to report “negative comments” from users who didn’t actively participate in the comment thread.

That said, that’s not to say that people are posting more negative comments than others.

The study found that, in total, 3.7 percent of comments posted by users who actively participated in the comments section were negative.

This number, however, was much higher than other studies.

A recent survey by Facebook found that less than 1 percent of the comments posted on its platform were negative, but that 2.9 percent were negative in the first half of 2016.

In other words, people are more likely than the rest of us to engage in a passive, unfiltered process of commenting on the news or posting comments on social networks.

But, that doesn, in and of itself, mean that people shouldn’t actively engage in the commenting process.

It’s just that, for the average reader, that could be a problem.

Social media has come a long way from its early days as a place where you’d have to write about politics and policy on the whim of a friend.

And as more and more people turn to social media for a variety of reasons, including news, entertainment, or education, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the typical person to effectively write about social issues in their daily lives.

The best way to write something that isn’t an asshole on Facebook, then, isn’t to actively participate.

Instead, take a moment to look at the comments of your fellow users and take some time to think about how you might make it more constructive, and less rude.

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