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Why you should always wear your heart on your sleeve

What is the best dress for a dressy event?

And is it time to take your dress on the go?

With summer upon us and many people still wearing their dresses to work, many are wearing them for casual occasions.

However, there is no one dress that fits all.

You can also have a look at some of the top dresses for a casual or formal event.

Here are the best dresses for the day:What to wear:The dress is the key to a good night out, especially if you’re looking for a versatile look.

If you’re in a more formal situation, a black or light blazer can be a great choice.

You should be able to wear a light dress with a black skirt.

A blazer is great if you want to take the evening to the next level.

What to avoid:Dress shoes with a high heel or high toe are definitely not recommended.

You’ll get into trouble if you accidentally slip on the shoes and you’re forced to stop.

You’re also not going to look your best if you’ve got a pair of heels that are a bit too high.

A blazer or dress coat with a satin-finished lining can add some sophistication to your look.

But make sure to avoid a blazer with a zipper-free fit, as it will be too easy for your clothes to slide down to the floor.

A skirt is essential, as this is the main piece of a dress.

Make sure you get a long one, with no slits, as you want the skirt to stay in place.

If you’re going to have a formal occasion, consider wearing a dark dress, or even a blouse and skirt.

If not, a simple blouse or dress shirt with a pair in grey or white is also great.

But if you just want a casual outfit for an evening, a dress can also work.

Try a dress that’s just a little bit more casual than your usual one, as a simple shirt and dress pants can work well.

A simple shirt, suit, or jacket can also add some colour to your ensemble.

A simple skirt can also go a long way if you don’t want to add a lot of colour.

A coat can add a sense of style to your outfit, but if it’s a little too long, it can look very formal.

A suit is usually a little more formal, with a blazon on the sleeves and the sleeves rolled up in the front.

A black or white blazer will also do the trick.

A dark jacket will be great for formal occasions, especially when it comes to cocktail parties.

You might want to try a plain black jacket if you have a very formal event, as well.

Another great thing about a suit is that it can also look like a dress, with the sleeves tucked in and the back folded.

A long jacket with a matching tie is a great addition, as are a pair with black pants.

A long-sleeved coat is a classic look that will be a favourite for any occasion.

A high collar and low neckline can make the suit a little on the formal side.

A dress can be fitted with a skirt to add some extra sparkle.

The waist can be relaxed to look polished, while the hem is straight and narrow.

A shirt and trousers should also go with your dress to add an element of flair.

A skirt can go with a long dress, while a blouson can be worn over a dress or a jacket.

For a casual evening, you can add sparkle to your dress by adding some colourful prints.

A white cardigan, striped or cardigan with a red, black or blue bow on the front, and a black bow can be just the thing for a fun, colourful evening.

Try wearing a bright white tuxedo for a formal, elegant evening.

A light grey shirt, dress and trousers can also be a fantastic accessory to add to your evening.

A plain white tee or a blazered jacket is ideal for formal events.

If the evening is going to be casual, consider opting for a white blouse with a cardigan or a light grey blazer.

A light blouse is ideal if you prefer a more casual evening.

The evening is all about fashion.

What you wear will make or break your day, and whether you have any sparkles in your day or not.

The evening is the time to look good, so look good and look stylish.

If your day is going well, you’ll be looking fantastic in the evening.

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