How the ‘Washingtons’ will look at the end of the year

As the 2017 season comes to a close, it seems almost inevitable that the Washington Post’s prediction of the next election will be met with a barrage of mockery.

The Washington Post predicted the Washington Redskins would win their second Super Bowl in four years back in February.

However, the Washington Nationals narrowly lost the 2017 pennant to the Baltimore Orioles.

The Post’s own prediction for 2017 has since become one of the most mocked predictions in recent memory, with the paper predicting the next president to be a woman.

It’s not the first time that the Post has made a controversial prediction.

Back in March, the paper said that President Donald Trump would win re-election.

The prediction has also been mocked by conservative commentators, who have repeatedly argued that it’s impossible for the Trump presidency to succeed, even with the right candidate.

As The Hill reports, “the Post’s pollster, Tony Fabrizio, has been accused of using an unreliable poll to score the Post’s predictions.

On Twitter, former Washington Post political editor Mark Halperin wrote that the prediction was a “total sham.”

The Post was quick to respond to those claims, tweeting that the poll is a “factual poll of people in real life, not a fake poll of pundits.”

Fabriziano told Business Insider that he’s been in touch with the Post about the criticisms, and said that the company was happy to clarify the poll’s accuracy.

The pollster said that a “large portion of the public is in agreement with the consensus poll” and that “the polling results have not been altered.”

The poll is the second poll that the paper has been criticized for.

In February, the Post released a poll that showed that Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton in November.

The paper also released a survey last week that suggested that Trump’s approval rating was in the mid-to-low 20s.

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