How the US Postal Service plans to save $3 billion a year

Posted February 02, 2018 09:50:06The USPS has announced a new initiative to help small businesses in its mail service by allowing them to pay for mail via their debit cards.

The Postal Service has announced plans to offer debit cards to customers who have already paid for mail using their debit card.

The card payment service will help small business owners pay for their mail and reduce the burden on the USPS mail delivery system.

Under the plan, USPS will allow customers to pay their bills by making payments using a debit card and using the card to pay a certain amount of bills.

The USPS says that the debit card payment option is the best option for small businesses because it allows them to avoid paying an additional fee for each bill.

“Debit cards have the potential to eliminate or greatly reduce the administrative burden on mail delivery,” USPS Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Davis said in a statement.

“The debit card approach, with the flexibility of the debit program, allows our customers to focus on getting their mail to the right people as efficiently as possible, instead of paying for their own mail.”

Under the USPS debit card plan, customers who sign up for the program can use the debit cards they already have.

However, customers with existing debit cards are not eligible for the new debit card program.

Customers who are currently using their existing debit card will be able to switch to the new card by visiting a USPS-authorized bank account or by using the new online payment system.

In addition, USPS says it will be providing free prepaid mail delivery services to customers with a valid debit card, as well as free mailing orders for customers who don’t have a debit account.

In the statement, Davis said that the Postal Service is “investing in our mail delivery and payment systems to provide the best customer experience possible.”

“We have made it clear that we will continue to offer the fastest, most efficient, and secure mail service,” he said.

“Our debit card initiative will allow small businesses to pay through their debit to receive mail faster and better than ever.”

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