NFL’s new rules could make it harder for teams to use post-game interviews

NFL owners have begun to take a close look at a rule change that could make the post-season less accessible.

The league said Thursday that if approved by owners, the changes would make it a crime for teams and players to ask questions during post-games interviews, and the league also said it would “strongly” enforce the new rules.

It will be the first time a rule has been implemented as part of a new collective bargaining agreement that will begin play in January, when the current collective bargaining deal expires.

The NFL said in a statement Thursday that the changes “are necessary to address the problem of repetitive post-match interviews that negatively impact team morale and player safety.”

The NFL will “take a hard look at the proposed changes” and will make “all appropriate adjustments” to ensure that players and coaches are not subject to unfair and discriminatory conduct, the league said.

The changes would also make it an “unacceptable practice” for a team to use an interview to “express personal opinion” about a player or a team, the NFL said.

The league will not penalize players or coaches for using these types of interviews, the statement said.

After the Steelers defeated the Packers in the NFC championship game, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told the league that he doesn’t think he should be asked about the performance of his teammates because he’s a former player.

The Steelers coach said Roethisberger was “shocked” by Roethas reaction.

Roethisberg is among the league’s top scorers, but he was fined $5,000 and suspended for a game in Week 17 after a fan threw a bottle at his head during a postgame interview.

He said he was surprised by the fan’s reaction.

The fan was fined and suspended by the league, but Roeth’s suspension was reduced to three games.

The Steelers won the Super Bowl in 2016.

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