How to fix your dog’s scratching post

The best way to solve the scratching post is to get the dog out of the way.

You want to make sure that the dog doesn’t get too close to the scratching posts or you may be able to get them to stop scratching.

But if you have the dog in the cage and can’t get him out, the best way is to take him outside.

A fence is a great way to keep him safe.

When you get him outside, get the crate or a large bag for him to hide in.

You can also put him in a crate, but keep him from getting too close.

Then, you can walk him to the dog park.

A good place to put the scratching Post is on a concrete slab or other soft surface.

A dog that has scratched on the concrete could get caught in the post.

You could try to get him to go inside.

This is a good way to teach the dog to stay in the house and not scratch outside.

It’s also a good idea to take the scratching to the veterinarian, who will treat it.

If you have trouble getting the dog outside, you may want to try to put him inside a box, but that may not work as well.

You might also want to consider placing him in the dog crate and getting him to follow your instructions.

You may also want your dog to wear a leash, but the leash is not necessary for a scratching post.

The best option for dogs is to put them outside for about an hour a day.

This will give your dog a chance to learn to sit still while you walk around and watch the dog.

Keep an eye on the dog, too.

When he starts to scratch, it will become more and more annoying.

Your dog will be less able to follow directions and will likely scratch at something that he cannot see.

You should make sure the dog is in the proper position to scratch.

If the dog’s paw is not in the right position, the scratching will not be so severe.

This could be a problem if the dog scratches on something that is too close, such as a toy or a piece of furniture.

This can cause injury or even death.

Some owners may choose to use a small brush or a nail clipper to help your dog sit still.

If your dog is scratching on something in the crate, make sure it is not something that could cause injury.

If it is, it is likely that you have caused injury.

Your veterinarian will want to look at the dog for signs of a scratching problem, including scratches on the crate.

You also want them to check for the scratching marks on the sides of the crate and on the outside of the cage.

This might help the veterinarian diagnose the problem.

This step may not be necessary if you just want to keep your dog in your house and don’t want to take his outside to play.

If there are no obvious signs of injury, you might want to call your veterinarian to make a diagnosis.

If a scratching is not visible to the vet, you should take the dog back to the cage for more treatment.

The veterinarian will then determine whether it is too dangerous to keep the dog inside and whether it’s a good option to let it go.

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