How to be a Super Bowl champion: The NFL’s best post-game stories

The NFL playoffs begin Wednesday night, and if you’re a New York Jets fan, it’s a lot easier to watch the games with friends and family than it is to get excited about them.

The New York Giants are in the hunt for a Super Sunday victory, and that’s because of how much respect they’ve earned from their fans over the past few years.

They’ve won four Super Bowls in the past five years.

They’ve been to three straight Super Bowl Finals, which is the longest run in NFL history.

And they’ve gone to the AFC Championship Game three times, which means they’ve been there every year since the 1970 merger.

So, what’s the best Super Bowl memory the Giants have had since the merger?

Here are 10 of the best.

First, the team with the best record in Super Bowl history, the 2014 Jets, won the game that year.

The Jets had an 11-3 record in the regular season and made the playoffs, but they lost in the divisional round to the Patriots, 21-20.

They lost their first Super Bowl to the Steelers, 21 to 11, but then came back and beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl, 23-14.

And then they lost to the Saints in the AFC title game, 20-17, but beat the Patriots in the second round to win their third championship.

The Giants won their fourth Super Bowl last year and are going for their sixth.

But even though they have won three in a row, the Giants are a little embarrassed by the Super Sunday losses.

They’re not just the Jets’ fans that have the most respect for them, either.

This is the most respected franchise in the league, so when they lose, it feels like a loss.

But it doesn’t feel that way to the people who are the most hated, who are fans.

The fans that we talk to, we say to them, ‘This is our Super Bowl.

You don’t get to say no to it.

You get to go for it.’

They’re very passionate.

The other thing that is really impressive is that we don’t see any of this on the TV and on the radio, but the people that are watching these games are getting to see these things.

We have to look at the game, but we also have to be able to go, ‘OK, we got to win.

This isn’t what we’re going to be looking at this year.’

That’s the biggest thing.

The only way you can beat the New England Patriots is if you win a Super-Bowl.

You’ve got to go out there and you’ve got the best quarterback in the world, the best receiver in the NFL, the top cornerback in the National Football League, a quarterback that’s going to throw the ball downfield, and you’re going be able win a lot of games.

But, obviously, there are a lot more things to look forward to.

I think they’re going down as one of the great teams of all time.

I’m sure that we’ll see them on the field again.

I love it.

It’s such a great game, a Super bowl game.

That’s what makes it so special.

It’s just so fun.

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