Melrose Trading Post, one of the city’s most iconic buildings, is being knocked down

A Victorian mansion on Melrose Road has been knocked down to make way for a retail complex.

Melrose Trading post and the post office building were among the landmark buildings that made the cut to become part of the $8.2 billion retail and office complex, which will be the site of the world’s largest shopping mall.

The city’s iconic buildings were selected for the complex, designed by architectural firm Waverly and Glynn, by a consortium of developers including the city, the Queensland Government and the Queensland University of Technology.

The post office was originally built in 1875 by John Gannon.

It was renamed in 1912 after John Waverley, the former postmaster.

The post office and other buildings on the site are now home to retailers including Woolworths and the City of Melbourne.

Mr Gannon died in the early 1960s, aged 83.

The retail complex will be a multi-level retail and food court and is expected to open in 2019.

A spokesperson for the city said the project would not impact the heritage of the building.

“We are very excited about this new development and will continue to support the development of the site and the historic buildings it will house,” the spokesperson said.

“The Melrose Crossing is one of Melbourne’s most significant sites and the project will add to the city skyline.”

A spokeswoman for the City said the council would continue to work closely with the developer to ensure the site was protected.

“Our council will continue its work to ensure this project complies with all city regulations and the preservation of Melrose Avenue and Melrose Street,” she said.

Melbourne’s most famous buildings include the iconic Melrose trading Post, which was the site for the first time in 1901, and the Melrose Post Office, which opened in 1912.


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