The Denver Post is on a quest to learn more about the man accused of the death of a woman who went missing in 2014

The Denver Post is investigating a claim that a man who is accused of killing a woman on the Colorado’s east side in 2014 is a convicted serial killer.

Denver Police Chief Michael McGrath said Friday that the department is working with the Post to learn what they can about the alleged killer, James James Davis, and to make sure he can’t get out of jail.

Davis has been in jail since November.

Police say Davis killed a woman in a vacant lot in Denver’s Denver City neighborhood in 2014 and then dumped her body.

The woman was discovered by a construction crew a year later in a ditch.

She died of multiple stab wounds.

Davis was arrested in March of this year and was charged with murder.

He was released on bond in February of this past year, and has not been in custody since.

In an interview with The Denver News, Davis said he’s not the killer of the woman in the 2016 case.

Davis said that he has had a long history of violent and destructive behavior, including the murder of a police officer.

“I was in jail for about a year and a half.

I’ve been involved in multiple homicides and I’ve killed a lot of people.

I’m a serial killer,” Davis said.

“I’ve killed people, and they’re all people that I’ve gotten to know and they all happened to be female.

I have no remorse for killing them.”

The Denver Post contacted Davis’ attorneys to ask about his past and to ask if he has any contact with any of the women who died.

He has not responded to the inquiry.

Davis is charged with capital murder in the death a woman he killed in Denver in 2015.

He is being held without bond on a $10 million bond.

He could face life in prison if convicted.

Davis also has been charged with attempted murder of another woman in Denver last year.

Davis faces a first-degree murder charge.

He’s scheduled to make his first court appearance on Monday.

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