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Qanon posts pictures of metal fence posts

Qanon, a Palestinian enclave in the West Bank, has posted pictures of what it calls “qanon metal fence post” posts.

The posts have been reported to the Palestinian police, which is reportedly investigating.

One post shows a metal fence in the village of Zawiya.

Another photo shows a woman holding a child in the water with a “quran” on her chest.

The post says the posts were “designed by Israeli settlers in Qanon to intimidate Palestinians.”

The posts were posted in May 2016 and June 2017.

They were reported by The Jerusalem Post to the police and were subsequently removed from the site.

Qanon police spokesman Ali al-Najjar told the Jerusalem Post that the posts are “not related to the demolition of Qanon.”

In a tweet posted Thursday, Qanon’s Qassam Brigades, an armed group linked to the Hamas movement, also threatened to demolish the posts if they were found to be illegal.

“The Qassams will not be satisfied with the demolitions, and we will continue to fight for this Palestinian village,” it said.

The Qassamas is an armed wing of the Qassim Brigades and is the most prominent armed group in the Palestinian West Bank.

In a May 2017 tweet, the group said it would demolish all Qanon metal fences, but “we do not have the necessary permission to do so.”

In July 2017, Qassamm Brigades said it was in the process of demolishing a Qanon “qanat” (metal fence) and said it had “already received permission from the Israeli police to do it.”

In March 2018, Qashqawi’s group said that it had also demolished Qanon Qanat posts, though it has not publicly mentioned the posts as a reason.

The group has also demolished a Qana village in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem.

The area has been under Israeli military control since 2014, but Israel has denied it has a legal right to live in the area.

The West Bank is home to more than 10 million Palestinians and some 4 million Israelis, according to the United Nations.

Qanan, located in the northern West Bank near the Gaza border, is located within Israel.

It is located near Qalamoun, an area Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war.

In 2018, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched an offensive against Qanan in an attempt to drive out the Qanon resistance, according the IDF’s Central Command.

In January 2019, the IDF announced that the area was officially declared “closed.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the IDF would continue to attack the area until Qanon was “liberated.”

Israel’s government in 2017 launched a massive military operation to retake Qana and Qanan from Qassamin Brigades.

The army said it struck a large number of Qanan posts and vehicles, as well as weapons caches and a network of tunnels that the Qanan group had built there.

In February 2019, Israel announced the military was ending its offensive against the Qana-area, but said it will continue its “continued attacks on the remaining Qana civilians and the Qatan population” until the area is liberated.

A Qanan family in the Israeli-occupied West Bank City of Hebron stands on a metal wall as she sits next to her father in the house that she shared with her mother when she was a child.

The family lives in a makeshift home they built in a field in the Qanitiya area of Qana.

The IDF said in January 2019 that it will stop its operation in Qana until the army has “liberate all Qana residents from the Qaharat, Qana, Qatan and Qana.”

In February 2018, Israeli police arrested three people in connection with Qanon.

In July 2018, a Qanan activist, Mohammed Shams al-Tariq, was shot and killed by Israeli forces near his home in the eastern Israeli town of Duma.

Shams was shot in the back of the head and later died of his wounds.

The police said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the killing.

Israeli media reports in March 2018 indicated that Qanon had been under military siege since January 2018.

Israeli officials have previously accused the Palestinian Authority of failing to provide adequate humanitarian aid to Qanon and of withholding funds.

Qana’s residents have been unable to pay their electricity bills for the past three months due to the ongoing Israeli military operation.

“As the Israeli military continues to push forward in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the surrounding areas, we must ensure the people of Qanait have access to electricity,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said at a news conference in February 2018.

“It is urgent that Qana Palestinians receive electricity and water as soon as possible.

It will not happen unless the Palestinian people are given an electricity and access to water supply,” Abbas added.

Qanna’s residents also face a lack of water and electricity in the towns

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