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U.S. Post publishes obituary of former President Obama, obituary of George W. Bush and other former presidents

THE UNITED STATES POST has published an obit for former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The paper, which has more than 5,000 offices in the US and Canada, published the obit on its website on Monday.

The article, entitled Obituaries: Former Presidents, Former Vice Presidents, Members of Congress and other prominent people, said Obama was the first president to have a full-time secretary of state and had the second-longest tenure of any American president.

Biden and Pelosi served together for five years.

“The former president was a brilliant, thoughtful and powerful leader who shaped the course of our country’s destiny,” the obits read.

“A tireless and dedicated public servant, he also created a generation of dedicated citizens that continue to shape our country today.”

Biden was nominated by President Donald Trump to be the 45th US president in January.

He has said he does not plan to run again in 2020.

“I am honored to have been elected by the American people as their 45th President,” Biden said in a statement.

“With this in mind, I look forward to continuing my work to advance the interests of all Americans, including the middle class.”

He said he had been honoured to serve in the White House for four years.

The newspaper’s obit was based on a piece of paper printed on an article of paper that was used to form the cover of the newspaper in 1848.

The obit came as part of a broader review of its website and digital platform.

The publication was also criticized for a lack of coverage of the Trump administration, which included Trump’s controversial decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

“Our work is at a crossroads,” the newspaper said in an update on its blog.

“We will have to balance our commitment to our readers, who have come to expect the best and to expect accuracy, and the demands of the moment.”

The publication has more recently been under fire for its handling of the deaths of the nine US soldiers killed in Niger last year.

It published the news that a soldier who was part of an American-led team on the ground had been killed.

In September, the US-led coalition announced that it would withdraw from the battle to retake the region.

The military said it was investigating the death of a soldier.

In October, the newspaper’s chief operating officer resigned amid criticism over its coverage of Trump’s travel ban and his alleged links to Russia.

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