How to prepare for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s weather

Post-gazette weather editor Craig Kieser says he doesn’t expect any major changes in Pittsburgh, but the city will still be hard-hit by severe weather.

Kies, who’s based in the Pittsburgh metro area, says there will be a big difference from now until the weekend.

He says the weather will be much more severe this weekend.

“It’ll be much worse.

We’ll see how it goes from now through Sunday,” Kies said.

Kier says he expects some more thunderstorms, but he doesn�t expect them to be as intense as those seen in the past few days.

He also said he is expecting some rain this weekend, but only if the humidity remains high enough. meteorologist Brian McNamara said the last time Pittsburgh experienced a big storm was in June 2012.

“The way we’ve got it right now is that the city is still getting to that point where the rain is just not falling enough to be an issue,” he said.

If the rain continues to be low, McNamara predicts it will be less intense than in past weeks, which would mean less rain will fall in the region.

The Weather Channel meteorologist Michael Gagnon said that could mean more thunder, but it’s hard to know how much.

“We still don’t know if it�s going to be a full-blown rain event,” he told The Associated Press.

McNamara says it’s likely Pittsburgh will see a little bit more rain this week.

The storm that caused the tornado in the city earlier this month, he said, has been the most severe weather the city has seen this year.

McNama says there was some minor flooding in some parts of Pittsburgh, and he expects it to get worse as the storm progresses.

Weather Channel Meteorologist Mike O’Brien says that while the forecast isn’t a complete picture, it’s safe to assume it will remain a severe weather event through the weekend and into the week.

“There is still a lot of uncertainty in terms of how bad the storm is going to get, but that’s what makes it such a dangerous time for residents to go outside,” O’Brian said.

“They are still looking at this as a major concern for this time of year.

The National Weather Service says that it could bring up to 4 inches of rain in Pittsburgh by Sunday, with some places seeing as much as 10 inches.”

The weather system is forecast to be strong on Monday and Tuesday.

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