When an Indian post office passport holder is dead, the story of a post office

By The Post’s Sanjoy MajumdarThe Post of India obituary service said the post office’s passport bureau director, Rahul Nandwani, was among those who lost his life in a plane crash on the way to Delhi.

He was 56 years old and had served as post office director for 18 years.

A post office worker who survived the crash said Nandbani had recently completed a post-secondary degree in a public relations course at the post offices in the western state of Madhya Pradesh.

“He was an excellent person, a hard worker and a great worker,” said the worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Nandbane said he had been looking forward to working in the post department as he was a former employee of the post, which has offices in different states.

“I was going to work in Delhi and my boss told me I should be at the Delhi post office, so I went there,” Nandbe said.

He said he did not receive his passport until after the plane crashed.

He had been travelling on the post’s business class flight.

The post office said in a statement that Nandbhane had been on duty when the plane took off and was at the time flying at an altitude of around 4,000 feet.

“After the plane came down and there was no response from the post in the airport, a crew member contacted the local police to report the incident.

After that, the post of India received the body of an employee,” the statement said.NANDBANE, who worked for the post for 12 years, had been employed at the Post of Delhi for less than a year when he was killed.

He also worked for a small Indian online marketing company, which was not named.

The Post’s obituarist service said Nantbhane was a passionate advocate for India’s minorities and had worked for them since he was young.

“He was a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Hindu Mahasabha, a group which had played a significant role in the Indian political scene for over 50 years.

He is survived by his wife, Sreejesh, two daughters and five grandchildren,” the post said.”

His family requested that we share their deepest condolences with his friends and loved ones.

Our thoughts are with the bereaved and the bereft.”

A post by a retired Indian officer at the airport who was on duty at the same time as Nandabane also said he was on a flight bound for Delhi when the incident occurred.

“The flight was about to depart.

It was a 7-8-4.

I was on my way back to Delhi, so there was not a single passenger.

When I got off the plane, I saw a postman at the gate and a lady was waiting there.

I saw Nandbare sitting on the floor, his face covered.

He didn’t seem to be breathing,” said R.N. Shukla, a retired director of the Indian Air Force.

Shukla said he asked the woman if Nandlai was alive and if he was okay.

“She said no, he was dead.

I asked her what happened and she said she could not give me any information.

I got the next plane and landed at the nearest airport,” he said.

Shakla said NANDBANI was known to be “a very calm person” and that he had a “good relationship” with the post officer.

“His death was very sudden,” he told CNN-IBN.

He added that there were two post offices, one in Hyderabad and one in Lucknow.

The Post of Madras said it had no comment.NANBANI, who was born in Kolkata, spent most of his adult life working as a postmaster at the Mumbai post office.

In 1996, he became the postmaster of Hyderabad.

He later went on to serve as a special assistant to the then Chief Minister of Hyderabadi, Madhav Kumar Jena.

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