How to become a rockstar with a rock star’s heart

A few years ago, I was reading a book called Rockstar: How to be a Rockstar in the 21st Century. 

It’s about how to be the most popular celebrity of the 21nd century. 

In the book, they tell you to become popular because you are a rock, a rock superstar, a superstar. 

You can be the next Rihanna or Beyonce. 

There’s no other way to describe it. 

The title alone was enough to make me want to become the next Katy Perry. 

So, I bought the book. 

I read it for about 12 hours. 

And I read it again for a month. 

Finally, I got bored and quit. 

But I kept reading it.

So, in January, I came across this book called Rockstar: The Modern Rockstar. 

What I like about Rockstar is that they put a lot of thought into it.

The book talks about the different ways you can become a superstar and it talks about how you can get the most out of it. 

 Rockstar is about how celebrities make money, how celebrities are perceived and how they make money. 

All the stuff that’s in Rockstar that I talked about earlier is really important to understand. 

Because when you get a rockstars heart, they want you to be their star. 

How do you become a star?

The book gives you a great example. 

They talk about how a rock musician has to be really good. 

When you go to a show, they don’t want you there. 

If you are, they might call the promoter and say, “You’re too drunk to play.” 

They want you on stage. 

At the beginning, you might think you’re a good rock musician. 

Then, you learn that the promoter is trying to force you to play. 

He wants to sell you on his company. 


Because that’s what he does. 

Rockstars don’t have a lot to lose. 

Every time you do something, he’ll get paid. 

A lot of celebrities get paid well. 

For example, Madonna gets paid $20 million a year. 

People think Madonna is a star because she’s so famous. 

That’s not true. 

She’s not. 

Her net worth is $40 million. 

Billie Jean King gets paid roughly $3 million a month and she’s worth over $10 million. 

 So, you want to be able to do something for the money that you are making. 

However, you need to be very smart. 

One of the things that Rockstar teaches you is that the more famous you are the more money you make. 

This is important. 

Think about it.

The more famous your name is, the more likely you are to get paid to perform. 

Don’t go to the gym or the gym club. 

Just be very, very good.

You can’t become famous overnight. 

Being famous is a process. 

First, you have to make some money. 

  That’s the first step. 

Now, you’re going to have to get your act together. 

Here’s the good news: if you’re not making any money, your manager is going to take your money.

You don’t get paid until you’re making money. 

 What they say is that you have two ways to become famous: by selling tickets or by selling albums. 

 When you sell tickets, you sell yourself out. 

Your act is over. 

Not only does it make you look like you’re selling yourself out, it makes you look as though you are selling yourself short. 

Do you want that? 

That would be a terrible deal. 

 The second way is to sell albums. 

As soon as you sell a record, you become famous. 

 I’ve done it.

I sold my first album. 

Some people say that it’s a good idea to sell your first album before you go on stage because you get more money for that first album, but I don’t believe that. 

My first album sold 3 million copies. 

Yes, that’s right, 3 million.

I made a lot. 

 So what happens next? 

Well, you will make more money.

So you need your act to be strong. 

After you sell your record, your act becomes stronger. 

By selling your first albums, you gain some more money and you get some more attention. 

On the other hand, selling a second album will make you less famous.

So it’s not as easy to sell a second record as it is to go onstage. 

Even if you go first, you are going to be less successful. 

 As soon a new album comes out, you go out and sell a lot more albums. 

   But that doesn’t mean that your act is weak. 

   There are a few ways to be successful.

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