How to celebrate your birthdays with a birthday poster idea

We’re all guilty of forgetting the day we were born, but the one thing you can count on is a birthday post to remember it with.

Here are some ideas to put in your birthday wish-list.1.

Post a picture of yourself in a band shirt and pants2.

Make a birthday card that says: “Happy Birthday!”3.

Put up a birthday wish card for someone you know.4.

Create a birthday message on Facebook or Instagram5.

Write a birthday story on your wall and post it to your blog6.

Make an elaborate birthday card for a friend7.

Add a little something to your birthday card, like a handwritten card or a letter to your child8.

Make your own birthday party on your computer or tablet9.

Have a party that goes on all day (even if you don’t have the space)10.

Make birthday cards for your friends that are friends of yours11.

Create birthday cards with a picture from your own life, such as a family photo or a photo of you on a beach11.

Share your birthday story with friends12.

Make fun of your birthday on social media, such the Instagram post you made on your birthday or the picture you took at the beach11 a.

Make the card say “I love you” or “I wish you a happy birthday” or something like that.b.

Make it your birthday in a way that will make people laugh.

This will get them to look you up in their calendars.c.

Make sure that it’s not a fake birthday.

It has to be real and it has to say “Happy birthday!” or “Happy anniversary.”

It has no expiration date.11 b.

Make something that people will look at for years to come, like your favorite song.12.

Create an album of photos from your life, a photo that you will never forget and a birthday poem that you’ll be proud to share.13.

Make one of your favorite birthday cards, a birthday gift that people can look back on and say, “Oh, I wish I had this!”14.

Make some art to make a special birthday card.15.

Make cards for a special person, a loved one, or a group of friends that you want to celebrate with16.

Create and share an inspirational birthday story17.

Make someone’s birthday party a celebration of life18.

Make yourself a birthday cake that is made from a mix of your best ideas and your favorite things from your home19.

Make that birthday card your own, which you can then show your kids20.

Make people feel happy for a birthday that will last a lifetime21.

Make photos of yourself that you’re proud of and share them with the world.22.

Share a birthday on Instagram or Facebook and make it your own with a photo from your body.23.

Make cake and share with a friend who doesn’t like cake.24.

Create your own wedding, anniversary, or anniversary card, which is your wish-treat for your special day.25.

Create personalized birthday cards that people are going to love.26.

Make them look like the picture they were meant to be, with a little help from your friends27.

Share something that is special that will surprise them28.

Make this a family day, which will make you and your kids happy.29.

Make art, like the ones you made for a baby, that you can show to your loved ones30.

Make special birthday cake, and share it with everyone31.

Create some birthday cards to send out to a special friend.

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