How to use an Apple logo to show support for Bernie Sanders

Post-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using the Apple logo for her campaign to show her support for her former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders.

Clinton’s campaign tweeted Wednesday that Sanders “is leading the Democratic field with a new, bold new vision for America, one that includes ending the economic and political greed that has fueled our broken political system, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and investing in communities that need it most.”

Sanders’ supporters, of course, are not buying it.

The logo is a reminder that the Vermont senator is a longtime supporter of the Wall Street banksters and big oil, and it is also a symbol of the power of money to shape our political culture.

The campaign has also used the Apple symbol to show its support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Senate.

Post-Presidential candidate Sen.

Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) uses the Apple icon to show his support for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), one of the first women to win the Democratic nomination for president.

(Reuters)The logo has become an easy shorthand for support for the senator in a post-Clinton campaign that has been plagued by infighting, the emergence of anti-establishment candidates and allegations of corruption and pay-to-play schemes.

Sanders has taken to Twitter to share his frustration with the backlash, with his followers reacting to the use of the logo with some of the most colorful, racially charged and sexist language they’ve seen from him.

It was also the first time the Clinton campaign has used the logo in a political advertisement, according to its website.

The logo appears in several of Clinton’s most popular social media posts, including one that she made on Tuesday, a day after Sanders was nominated.

In a tweet, Clinton said, “I support the Apple.

It represents innovation, the power to create, the dream of a better world, the promise of change.

It is an icon of optimism, optimism that we can do better.”

It was not immediately clear if the logo was the only sign of support for Sanders, a senator from Vermont who has been widely criticized for his business ties to Wall Street and for his long-standing criticism of Clinton.

The Democratic presidential front-runner is also known for having a penchant for taking shots at her rivals, as Sanders has done on Twitter.

She also took to Twitter on Tuesday night to make the case for her running mate, former Massachusetts Gov.

and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine (D).

“The most important thing for all Americans is to continue the progress we have made under the Sanders Administration, and to build on it,” Clinton wrote in a tweet.

“We can make progress together.”

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